Tuesday, December 12, 2006

考えた。日本語 英語

技能 技能と言うが私にはそんなもんは必要なく人とのコミュニケーション。

まず 第一 信用がある人    これはなにごとでも必要だが、ビジネスでは特に大事だ。

   第二 楽しくさせてくれる人  これはもう言うまでもなく面白い人には自然と人が集まってくる。
   第三 影響力がある人、求心力、(リーダー)、人をまとめる人、いろんな価値観を理解し


The filter which it does you try probably to speak difficult thing.
You call technical skill technical skill,
but such it is in me without necessity the community of the person.

That very reliance is important,

I think. First,
but the person who is confidence, as for this with every what necessity,
with business especially it is important. Second, the person whom it points pleasantly,
as for this until already you say, the nature and the person get together in the funny person without.

The person who the person who has third, influence,
centripetal power, (the leader), the person who collects the person,
understands various sense of value and, increases motivation.

When now, present thing story is done,
this month it meets to the friend. It meets after a long time.
It is the important friend,

of course also the friend at the time of junior high school is important.

Opinion of the person is respected maximally,

enjoyment is given. And, service of the maximum when we would like to offer enjoyment, the empty is always thought “in the friend.”.

You do not think such a vulgar thing which requests the collateral and does not seek.

If delightful thing is done, when it returns by all means,

it is rule of world. With our theory it does.

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